The House

La Casa di Marcello

The house was built at the end of  '800 on the top of a hill...

It was grand-father Pietro Lastrucci called “di Fiorindo” who built the house at the end of the 19th century on the remains of an abandoned church, at the top of a hill, facing Vinci on the west side.

It is a simple and typical country house: on the ground floor the big kitchen with the fire-place, the room to keep wheat and “salami”, the dining-room for very special occasions; on the first floor all the bed-rooms (for grand-parents, parents and four children). There was also the cellar with the big barrels of wine and the olive-oil. The house has remained as it was except for the 2 bathrooms on first floor, also the heating of the house is as it used to be: the fire-place in the kitchen and a big wood stove upstairs to heat the bed-rooms.

… a hill facing Vinci on the west side

The name of the property is the original name from the area surrounding that was called “Marcello”, the land around the house was and still is all cultivated with olive trees as well as a vineyard on the east side at the bottom of the hill; in front of the house there’s a “barn” to keep working tools, it housed the rabbits, the pigs and on the west side there was the henrun. The big “aia”, the space just in front of the house, is still the best spot: from the top of the hill you can enjoy a beautiful view, the same landscape that you can admire in many of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces.

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Laura, who takes care of the house and its guests, with her father Pietro Lastrucci, the owner of La casa di Marcello, grandson to Pietro who built the house at the end of 1800