Our local production

olive oil

The land surrounding the house and all the area around is mainly cultivated with olive trees and vineyards, we have our own production of OLIVE OIL and WINE.


the species of grapevine of this area are Sangiovese and Canaiolo, the DOC wine has the following mixture:

  • 75% Sangiovese
  • up to 10% Canaiolo
  • up to 10% Trebbiano Toscano e Malvasia del Chianti (together or separately)

The colour of the local wine is vivid ruby, going towards dark red, with strong smell, a dry and balanced taste.

Our wine is not a proper DOC wine, the percentage of grapevines is not so strict but there’s definitely a major percentage of Sangiovese.

Olive oil

olive oil also is produced by different kind of trees, for example the olive trees characteristic of this area are Leccino and Frantoiano but there are more.
The olive oil acidity (the main parameter to judge the oil) is 0,20% max
Colour goes from green to gold yellow, smell is fruity with almonds and artichoke flavour, taste is fruity and intense.

Our olive oil is strictly extra-vergin olive oil, olives are picked from October to December and then pressed at the local oil-press.


vinegar is made out of the old wine, it’s strong and intense, ideal to toss salads.