Italian cooking classes

Pleasure in cooking

Our tradition

Before the end of World War II in the Italian countryside men were busy cultivating the land and raising the animals while women took care of the family and the food, Italian “mammas” are famous mostly for being excellent cooks.
Many things have changed today (especially time dimension!) but there’s still a great pleasure in cooking, together with the importance and care given to food.

Getting to know and understand this aspect of Italian culture we can understand what “food” means in Italy, cooking is not (or not only and always) a duty and chore but it’s the pleasure of being together, sharing, appreciating, inventing and impressing!

The cooks

DSCN2033At casa di Marcello  we have organised cooking classes with two excellent cooks: Maria Grazia, real magician in the kitchen and fluent in English, often assisted by Carolina, her daughter, and Giuliana, wonderful cook also but with less English spoken.


Maria Grazia and Giuliana’s menus change with the season, they are very careful and attentive to simple and natural ingredients, they give preference to seasonal product so in the summertime we get lot of “zucchini”, tomatoes and aubergines and in the wintertime they delight us with fennel, cabbage and artichokes..

Maria Grazia’s specialities are first courses, she can invent pasta with all sorts of things and Giuliana is superb in making home-made pasta! But they’re also very clever with fruit tarts (seasonal fruit of course) and similar.


The basic cooking class is done in half day, we prepare together a meal (lunch or dinner), all participants get involved during preparation.

Results are always SUPERB, great food together with good and simple red wine of the local vineyard enjoyed in an unforgettable corner of Tuscany.

Cost of the basic cooking class: Euro 50,00 per person (minimum 6 persons)