Useful Information

The nearest alimentary shop is in Faltognano, 2 km from the house, where you can find a bit of everything: milk, water, fruit, vegetables, biscuits, cheese, eggs,  salami… and a very special home-made bread

Supermarkets: the largest is in Empoli (7 km) and it’s called IPERCOOP, it’s a shopping center open all day from 8h to 21h, there you can find almost everything, not only food but also shoes, clothes, newspapers, electronics, bank, pharmacy ( at the pharmacy there’s also a doctor in case of need)

In Vinci you can find all sorts of shops but small ones, there’s a post office, a bank, a pharmacy and so on.. in case of need of a medical assistance you can ask the pharmacy in Piazza della Libertà, the nearest hospital is in Empoli and to call for an emergency you dial 118

The nearest WI-FI free area is in Piazza Castello where’s the Museo Leonardiano near to the Tourist information office